Encrypted Data


Safe Data Backup  v.3 2

Safe Data Backup protects your valuable data. Easily back up your data to a CD, DVD, local drive, USB memory stick, or network drive. For extra safety, use the remote backup features to store your encrypted data offsite.


VarySafe is a document security program which makes data encapsulated stand alone executable viewer file. This viewer decrypts and view internal encrypted data only in the authenticated computer by using hardware fingerprint identification. It is also


SafeHouse  v.3 3

Provides transparent 'on-the-fly' encryption for your notebook or desktop personal computer. Using SafeHouse, you can allocate portions of your existing hard drives to be reserved for encrypted data.

ERepair RAR  v.1.0.1

Tool was developed to repair files from corrupted RAR archives. The Program is able to recovers files from RAR archives, it minimizes data loss during recovery. Repair encrypted data from RAR archives. Fix Rar files and restore corrupted Rar files.

Odin Password Secure Manager  v.9.8.4

Odin Password Secure Manager is a password storage program that will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind. Your precious information is stored as encrypted data that only you can access.

Export Lotus Notes to MS Outlook  v.8 1

You are pleased to know that our SysTools Export Notes software now converts Lotus Notes encrypted data to Outlook with its latest version 8.1.

SSL Socket  v.2.0

SSL Socket is a REALbasic plug-in that allows you to create applications that can communicate with Secure Servers(https) via the Secure Socket Layer for encrypted data transfers.

Secure Data Organizer

Secure Data Organizer is a free, professional grade password management program to securely organize and store your sensitive information. With Secure Data Organizer you can: * Securely store and organize and your usernames, passwords and

Data Security Wizard  v.2.0

Data Security Wizard is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption and deletion tool that allows you to encrypt and wipe your personal files quickly, easily and securely.

Undelete Data NTFS  v.

Undelete Data NTFS visit on company link www.undeletefreeware.org that is use for retrieving all deleted data files from computer and also supports compressed, encrypted data files recovery very frequently.

USB Media Data Restore  v.

www.p-dd.mobi refers to completely professional USB Media Data Restore application offers best option to data rescue from any removable media like pen drive, memory sticks etc at very affordable price.

Window7 Data Recovery  v.13.0.0

Windows file recovery software is an effective and rich technology that purposefully rescues data loss. Many situations lead to Windows file loss, such as hard disk failure, logical errors, physical damage, and virus attack.

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